Kronos Titan AS

Chemical Treatment Tank

Top cover for large reaction tank

Client: Kronos Titan AS

Structural design of top cover on reaction tank containing sulphuric acid of varying concentration and temperatures (diameter 5,5 m).

  • Selection of material
  • Structural design
  • Strength analysis; linear and non-linear
  • Thermal stresses and temperature expansion
  • Production procedure and post curing procedure
  • QC during production
  • Documentation


modell1 modell2

FEA-model of top cover                                                                                                        Deformation plot of one loadcase


Chemical Treatment Tank

Structural design of chemical treatment tank for liquid with a Ph of 10 to13 (base)

  • Material and design parameters according to BS 4994
  • Structural design including integration of pipes and flow restrictors
  • Strength analysis
  • Production procedure and post curing procedure
  • Documentation



FEA-model of treatment tank                                              Plot of material utilisation according to the Tsai-Wu failure criterion



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