Baro Mekaniske Verksted AS
Offshore industri

Structural design, analysis and testing of GRP Streamer winch

Streamer winch for launching and retrieval of streamer cables on geotechnical vessels.

Client: Baro Mekaniske Verksted AS

  • Establish design criteria
  • Establish design loads, based on interaction between streamer cableand GRP structure – non linear load calculation
  • Design calculations and FE-analysis
  • GRP material evaluation and development of production method
  • Testing and verification of structure
  • Strain measurements on cable drum
  • Calculations and FE-analysis of test performance
  • Verification of design parameters and loads during test program, incl.strain gauge measurements
  • Analysis and evaluation of test results



FEM model of streamer winch with different material lay up (colour codes)



Composite utilisation of allowed stress and strain levels according to Tsai Wu failure criteria



Deformation plot – sidewalls of the drum (due to temperature expansion of streamer cable)



GRP Streamer winch under testing, placed in heat chamber at Baro Mek Verksted

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