Baro Mekaniske Verksted AS
Offshore industri

Structural design of 6, 8 and 9 meter high Barovanes

Three types of 6, 8 and 9 meter high wing-shaped deflectors in GRP to be towed from a vessel, acting as “paravanes” for the geotechnical equipment towed by the ship has been developed and tested.
Client: Baro Mekaniske Verksted AS

  • Interaction between steel and GRP deflector parts
  • Material selection and manufacturing detail consultancy Laminate lay-up details and basis for design drawings
  • Testing of prototypes
  • Linear and non-linear FE-analysis
  • Design report


The Barovanes are to be towed from vessels with seismic equipment (Illustration from Baro Mek Verksted brochures)



Strain gauges measurement from bending test – early prototype of bonded joint composite foil / steel flange

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