We can help you with…

  • Product development and requirement specifications; understanding the requirements from all stakeholders is always the start of a successful project.
  • Feasibility studies; involving requirement development, material selection, preliminary structural design, evaluation of production methods, economy and weight budgets.
  • Prototypes; can be the best way forward if reliable analysis methods or experience is not available.
  • Material qualification; testing is often needed in order to define engineering data and qualify both fibers, resins and the actual production process and manufacturer.
  • Material specification; what is the most optimum materials and layup for your product ? Weight, cost, availability & logistics, repair, etc.
  • Adhesive bonding; adhesive selection, joint/bondline specification, process specification including surface treatment.
  • Structural analysis; the very core of our business – to verify that the design are up to the loads and satisfying the applicable rules. We have a lot of good and experienced brains and good analysis tools to help us with this!
  • Detailed engineering; the outcome of the structural analysis must be documented on drawings, in design standards, in reports etc.
  • Verification of loads and structural health monitoring; are your design loads correct? For new designs, load specifications from rules and guidelines are insufficient and inaccurate.
  • Fire safe composite structures; many applications has requirement to both fire reaction (FST – fire smoke and toxicity) and fire resistance/structural fire protection (SFP).
  • Risk analysis and fire safety studies; often needed for new areas of application.
  • Production specifications; many of the material and hence structural properties are dependent on production process – it is all linked together!
  • Third party verification; sometimes a customer or a supplier needs a third opinion, or even help in court.
  • Development of standards, rules and guidelines; we have a long tradition as partners in rule and standard development (IMO, DNV, Norwegian Navy, International standards etc.).

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